Monday, August 30, 2010


make a dollar shirt

facts on human body


                                       this shows how puny the hiroshima and nagasaki bombs are compared to
                                       other nuclear devices


                                                            here are some really helpful tips


                                            this one shows a method on how to bypass floors on a lift

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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                                      make a ninja mask out of a shirt , great party trick
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\                                    this shows the cost of gear the average soldier wears during war


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                                       as you can see im posting alot on food, this one shows you how
                                      to eat snacks form a bag upright, its really helpful if you dont have
                                     a bowl


                                                          click on image for a larger view

                                             as you can see this one tells about coffee, not really helpful
                                                  but it is a perk you are a coffee enthusiast

information is probably the only useful thing the internet can offer you

this information are all gathered up and visualized in pictures. these are not just normal information for your school tests or exams. these information are actually helpful. they can help you in life. call them life cheats or or life hacks, if you will. because that is what i regard them as.

as you can see this info is about making brownies. it is much faster then the conventional oven technique.